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Glorious Beaches for holiday dogs

There are many glorious dog friendly beaches within a short drive, and a great many more just a little further.  We can neither display nor describe them all here, nor do justice to their beauty and splendour with just a few lines of text.   Choose whichever ones appeal to you and just set off for a great day out.  One of the benefits of so many beaches close by is that if you don't like one, there is always another close by. Many have free parking.   Where it is charged the prices are generally low, but there are exceptions. We have our own recommendations - ask when you get here!

Pebbles on the beach

Pendine Beach

A glorious dog friendly beach 7 miles of golden sand! (which used to be used for setting land-speed records), about 8 miles to the south. An adequate car park is right at the beach entrance, which provides flat sands and dunes to the east, and cliffs to the west.  But you can also drive onto the beach for a small charge and this is worth doing if you plan to spend any length of time there. Loads of good exercise for dogs here, but some care may have to be taken because this glorious flat beach is also used by land yachts and other wheeled vehicles that can move at speed.  Bring a kite for extra fun! Pendine

The Secret Beach

This is the far end of Pendine beach, and used by the military when they get their toys out and use it as a firing range. As such, it's not signposted, nor do some of the locals even know it's there! This beach is usually open in the evenings and weekends and it's a glorious unswept beach - there's always plenty of driftwood and whatever else the tide brings in. Your dogs will never be short of sticks to carry. After storms, the beach is sometimes littered with washed up jellyfish - the size of dustbin lids, as well as the odd coconut washed up from the south seas! Find out when the beach is open. Pendine


A popular resort with all the facilities you might expect from a lovely small seaside town. There are some lovely little shops and fish and chip restaurants galore. A wide flat, sandy beach with a pretty harbour at the eastern end. Dog restrictions apply to the whole beach between 1st May and 30th of September, but there is a dog area at the side of the harbour. Saundersfoot hosts regular events such as "The World Cawl Cooking Championships" in February. (Cawl is a delicious thick Welsh broth made of meat, usually Welsh lamb, and vegetables). Like Tenby, most people who visit here don't want to go back home again. Saundersfoot


A beautiful sunny seaside town, which once visited, sees every visitor wanting to sell up and relocate here.  It consists of two main sandy beaches, a small tidal harbour, and a picturesque town selling all the goodies you'd expect of such a wonderful place.  The dog friendly beach area is towards the east where there a re duned to climb. Boat trips over to Caldy island leave regularly for those who want to visit the island with its range of wildlife and working Monastery.  Note: No pretty ladies allowed inside the monastery; it puts the monks off their work!! tenby


So named because of the ferry that once operated there to the far side of the estuary.  This is a lovely little seaside village which has two pubs, a restaurant, two shops and a post office, and a glorious sandy beach without dog restrictions.  The car park, which is right in the centre, and less than fifty metres from the beach, provides adequate parking.   Go there if either you or your dog like treasure hunting and beachcombing - you'll be amazed at what you might find washed up on the shore line. (picture taken from Llansteffan side of river). Ferryside


A small village opposite Ferryside.  Parking is easy and there's plenty of driftwood for dog chewing as well as other treasure that gets washed up by the tides.  The imposing beauty of the ruins of Llansteffan Castle overlook the bay. Walks here will produce spectacular views of Carmarthen Bay, evidence of the area's industrial heritage, salt marshes, woodland and grassland habitats, and you might see a range of species, from the common to the very rare. Or on the other hand, lots of golden sand and clean water to paddle in. Llansteffan

The Gower Peninsular

This will require an approximately 40 minute drive.  Once there, don't expect to cover all these glorious beaches, bays and coves in a single day!  The scenery is spectacular ranging from wide sandy bays (with good surf on wild days), rocky coves, to steep and imposing cliffs.  Three Cliffs (or Pobbles Bay) frequently appears on Welsh tourist office publications giving an indication of what you might expect. The most popular beaches have the most dog restrictions and the bays get more beautiful the further you venture from Swansea.  Cliff paths link many of the beaches and coves so they're great for walking, but cliffs can be steep and dangerous to a boisterous dog - take care. Gower

Wisemans Bridge beach

This is a much smaller and intimate bay, which has a small sandy beach with rocks on both sides, and patches of pebbles at various places.  Car parking here is usually free and it provides the benefit of a tavern and terrace on the east side of the bay.   The west side has a small stream that pours fresh water into the sea.   This is a hidden little bay that tourists often miss, but those who know where it is love it and return there again and again. It's also close to Saundersfoot, which is the next bay to the west and Amroth, another lovely bay, full of pebbles at high tide, and sandy at other times, nearby to the east. Wisemans bridge


This small town has a nice shopping centre and several bays, some stony with lots of pebbles, and some sandy, but with pockets of silt - make sure doggie has his paws washed before jumping back into your car!  There are spectacular views from the higher parts of the roads, and it's also a busy port if you want to pop over to Ireland on the ferry - destination Rosslare.  It's one of the more distant bays (in Cardiganshire), but we thought we'd show you a few things further afield as well. This was the location where Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood" was filmed. Fishguard

*  These beaches are not completely dog friendly, though most have sections at some point for dogs, these may be hidden away or require a longer walk to get to them.  Click here for links to more dog friendly beaches. Note that some beaches are supposedly 'No dogs' but have no signs on the beach to indicate this.

IMPORTANT: This information is subject to change without notice.

Oh dear... Dog Unfriendly




Our Dog friendly Self-Catering Cottage is located within easy driving distance of: St. Clears,Laugharne (pronounced 'Larn'), Pendine sands, Carmarthen, Whitland, Narberth, Haverford West, Tenby, Solva, Saundersfoot, Kidwelly, Llanelli, Swansea, Amroth, St Davids, Porth Clais, Pembroke & Caldy Island. We have WiFi Broadband Internet and are very 'Dog Friendly'. If you require more information, please contact us via the

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